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Coaches need to know WHO you are and HOW well you perform.  

A Highlight Video is a POWERFUL introduction that will PROVE how well you play.

Coaches know what they want.

Coaches want to meet the perfect player!  A player with natural talent, strong work ethic… an excellent communicator who is personally motivated to improve on and off the field.  They want to meet a good person that they know they can grow with and depend on.

Video helps to build coaches’ trust in YOU. It starts the conversation with answers before the questions are even asked. It helps to show that your references know what they are talking about and that your accolades are well deserved.

In a busy world where physical handshakes are harder to come by it is even more important to make a lasting first impression.

You are competing on an international level and deserve to stand out and be recognized.

Highlights | Skills

Video Creation Process

We will walk you through each step along the way.

Shoot Video

Shoot video yourself or grab clips from teammates and coaches.

Clip Selection

The goal is to get 25-30 quality short clips to produce a 4 - 6 min video

Create and Refine

We do the nitty gritty on this one and you get to download and share your video showcase.

The Time is ... RIGHT NOW

When the ball is in the back of the net it is already too late to hit record.  

Don’t miss the next opportunity to showcase your skills and start looking ahead at the next steps to compete at the next level.

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